gardnerhill (gardnerhill) wrote in mandc100,

"Untitled" by Gardnerhill

TITLE: "Untitled"
AUTHOR: gardnerhill
WORD CT: 100
PAIRING: Well, as another Captain Jack once said, "My one true love is the sea."
RUM TO: Oh, I'd love a mai-tai on such a warm summer night.
NOTE: For the "I, I" challenge.



And what kind of Navy would it be if all of us was captains and admirals, I say? Too many swabs, not enough ships for 'em all.

Some of us ain't got the learning for higher, and some of us ain't got the longing for it neither. I know my job, I do it well, and glad I am to have that and that alone for my charge.

When they put the stitch in my nose, let 'em say my name, "able seaman," and tip me in. Reckon I'll make the same splash as a lieutenant or a captain would.



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