Isobel (missizzy) wrote in mandc100,

The hp100 posted its crossover challenge again, and that means another drabble from me!

Title: Interview
Pairing/Characters: Brigid, Bathilda Bagshot
Rating: G
Word Count: 100
Spoilers: N/A
Summary: Brigid meets a future famous author.
Notes/Warnings: From my crossover series Miss Maturin at Hogwarts.

"Miss Maturin, tell me something significant!"

Brigid was talking with the Ravenclaw only because many of her classmates were still hostile. "That is all there is, Miss Bagshot. If Padeen's deed doesn't impress you, we might as well end this."

"Surely you saw things before he...."brought you"? Oh, say you did! Please, if I can write you into a book, that will be immortality! Time never destroying you!"

What memories Brigid had of that, she realized, she could not be compelled to discuss with *her* for any cause. "Let time destroy me. I care not." She rose and fled.

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