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Title: Visiting captain
Rating: G
Characters involved: Jack Aubrey, Tom Pullings and a strange visitor
Word count: 100
Author’s note: Inspired by Captains Jack challenge. I apologise in advance; I couldn't help myself.

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Happiness is a warm coat's summer!

In my half of the world, at least, which means I can concentrate on the things I want to, rather than what I need to.

I am running into the same problem I think others have run into, here...and I've run into it in my RPG board. Master and Commander has many faithful followers, but we've all either said all we want to say and moved on to another fandom, or we've just been uninspired.

I've decided to try to open my board (here, if you're curious) to a wider range of fandoms, they basically have to either be naval or Napoleonic. Yes, I'm trying to draw people who like PotC in. :)

And with that theory in mind, my challenges will also reflect that. If I don't start posting challenges on a bi weekly basis, I might as well step down.

Thanks, all.
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Temeraire/O'Brian crossover

I have recently begun to read the Temeraire series, by Naomi Novik, which takes place during the Napoleonic era, and involves dragons! The mix may sound strange, but, I assure you, those are excellent novels. And as the influence of Patrick O'Brian on Novik's writing is obvious, reading the novels gave birth to the following drabbles.

Title: Drakkar
Fandom: Aubrey/Maturin series and Temeraire series crossover
Rating: G
Characters involved: Jack, Stephen, Pullings, Temeraire (implied), Tom Riley (mentioned)
Word count: 175
Author’s notes: Set at the end of HMS Surprise, as the dear frigate heads home. It so happens that, around the same time, Temeraire and Laurence are on their way to China…

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Title: First meeting
Fandom: Aubrey/Maturin series and Temeraire series crossover
Rating: G
Characters involved: Stephen, Temeraire
Word count: 94

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Title: First meeting II
Fandom: Aubrey/Maturin series and Temeraire series crossover
Rating: G
Characters involved: Jack, Temeraire
Word count: 173

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Brain too befuddled with cold to produce a drabble just now - but this does link to an Aubrey/Hornblower story that's not been posted in O'Brian land yet. If it's not appropriate to link here, let me know.
Title: The Shoot-out
Rating: Gen
Summary: Jack challenges Pellew to a gunnery contest.
No claim made on or profit made from these characters.

The Shoot-out
sailing, moonkitty

Some news, and a new challenge

Dear friends,

I have agreed to take over, at least for a bit. It is a great honour and I will do my best. Sadly, the challenges will be bi-weekly, in the hopes this will give everyone more time.

The last couple of challenges not gotten a lot of responses. I know why...we're all being drawn into new fandom's with no fresh movies/books to get us excited again, so I thought I would try two things.

1. If you want, you can add canon characters from other (same time line, though maybe we can wink at PoTC?) fandoms into your stories as long as they work.

2. Since this month is Halloween the first two week challenge will be cross-overs. Any cross-over, as many as you want. :)
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