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The Master and Commander Drabble Community

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Welcome to mandc100! This is a community devoted to drabbles based upon Patrick O'Brian's Aubrey/Maturin series, as well as Peter Weir's movie, Master & Commander: The Far Side of the World.

Each week, a challenge will be posted to the group. If you would like to participate in that week's challenge, keep your entry to 100 words in length, and don't forget to vote for the challenge you would like to write on next week. At the end of the week, the challenge with the most votes wins!

There is no obligation to post drabbles based only on the challenge or contest. If you have a drabble, we welcome it here! (These drabbles are not subjected to the 100 word-count as they are not entries, but please try to keep to about a 300 word maximum.) This is an open community, and everyone is welcome; there are no "auditions" for acceptance.


1.) The challenge will be posted around 1:00 PM on Friday, Mountain Time. You will have until noon your time to post drabbles for the previous week's challenge.

2.) All kinds of fic are welcome, with the exception of Real Person Fic (excepting how some of O'Brian's characters tie in with the real world). Fics longer than 200 words should be put behind a cut. (This is so that one fic does'nt take up half the page.) Please post a header for each fic entry, as follows:

Title: (If you choose to give it one)
Rating: (Anything over PG-13 behind a cut)
Word count: (Ideally 100 words. Anything over 200 behind a cut)
Pairings or characters involved:
Vote for Challenge #:
Character to give rum to: (Not required but still fun!)
Author's Notes/Warnings:

3.) Each eligable drabble is one (1) vote and every TWO (2) drabbles after the first is three (3) votes! (For example if you posted three drabbles you get four votes: one for the first drabble and three for the second and third. However, two drabbles is just two votes.) You can vote as many times as you want to by simply writing more drabbles!

4.) No flames (easily separated from constructive criticism by its snarky attitude) or racist/homophobic/disrespectful remarks. People being disrespectful to others will be banned.

5.) Links to other fiction (both on journals & websites) are welcome, as are links to wallpapers, icons, fanart, etc.

Please direct any questions or comments to estebanmaturin at themanichippy@wmconnect.com